Natur is at your feet

In order to increase your curiosity for more, here we have put together some ideas.

List of activities

Find and process mushrooms and/or berries

Truly treasures are to be found buried in the surrounding forests and meadows.

We are happy to accompany you to the hotspots and then process the collected delicacies together in the kitchen.


You can fish wonderfully in the Schlappinersee and in the mountain stream. If you like it a little more remote, you can also try the beautiful Hühnersee, a lake surrounded by a impressive mountain panorama.

You can fish in many places, also here the possibilities are almost boundless …

Igloo building

Igloo building technology needs to be learned. We’ll show you how to build an igloo out of fluffy snow. Tough guys are also welcome to spend the night in the igloo.


Our five ski areas of the region and especially the Madrisa are at your feet.

Further information can be found under the following links:

Davos Klosters MountainsMadrisa

CLIMBING in the region WITH A professional mountain GUIDE

Whether beginner or advanced, the climbing opportunities in the region are varied and promising.

You will be accompanied by a professional mountain guide who will introduce you to the art of climbing (knots, rope, safety, climbing techniques, etc.).

Ski mountaineering/peak climbing with professional mountain guide

Climb the most beautiful peaks in the region with professional mountain guides; whether in summer on foot or in winter with touring skis or splitboard, this is a very special experience.

There are tour destinations for all strength classes.

Barbecue & picnic

There are numerous suitable barbecue areas around Schlappin and a picnic can be taken anywhere with some flexibility anyway. We are happy to take you to little-known places and show you the beauty of our nature during a cozy picnic or barbecue.

Wood/Snow Sculpturing

To “carve” a figure out of a block of snow or wood? Not that easy, but feasible … We will show you how it works and how you can achieve it yourself.


What could be better than starting the day with a spiritual session on our sun terrace or anywhere else in nature …


The hiking opportunities in the region are limitless, from simple walks to demanding “summit climbing tours”. The surrounding mountain railways make it possible to move the starting or ending point of your hike to higher altitudes where the alpine world is within reach.

Walk & Talks

Telling his life story on a walk – Rudolf Wötzel is an outstanding listener with the necessary sensitivity for the right questions at the right time.

Sunrise on a peak

Enjoying the sunrise on one of the surrounding mountains is a very special experience that you will not soon forget.

Further possibilities in the tourist destination Davos Klosters

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