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Arrival in summer

In summer the Bergzuhaus is easily accessible by car from Klosters Dorf (journey time approx. 15 minutes), but can also be reached on foot via several routes (see overview below).

The parking lot of the Madrisa cable car is available free of charge in summer should you decide to walk to Schlappin.

There are also some parking spaces available free of charge at the Gemsli.

The driving license to Schlappin (to be obtained in the Gemsli) costs CHF 10 for 24 hours or CHF 20 for a week.

Arrival in Winter

In winter time the road to Schlappin is closed for cars as the road „turns“ into the valley run of the Madrisa ski area. The Bergzuhaus can be reached either early in the morning or in the evening on foot, snowshoes or touring skis up through the Schlappin valley or with skis or snowboard via the Madrisa-Schaffürggli-Schlappin ski area (see overview below).

Warning: it can happen that the valley is closed due to avalanche danger.

Transport of luggage and people

We organize the luggage transport for you.

In general, we are not allowed to transport people in winter, however exceptions are possible (quad).


by car to Klosters Dorf, bzw. Klosters Schlappin (possible only in summer) by train to Klosters Dorf
Zürich 1h 45 / 2h 00 1h 45
Basel 2h 30 / 2h 45 2h 45
Bern 3h 00 / 3h 15 3h
Summer Winter
Klosters Dorf – Schlappin by car 15 minutes drive
Driving permission to Schlappin (available at the Gemsli) costs CHF 10 for 24h or CHF 20 for a week
Road is closed for cars
Klosters Dorf – Schlappin (by foot via Schlappiner Tobel) 1h 15 (hiking time) 1h 30 (with snow shoes or touring skis, early in the morning or after 5pm) during the day it is permitted
Klosters Dorf – Schlappin (via Madrisabahn top station – Zügenhüttli – Schlappin) 2h 00 (hiking time) 0h 20 (downhill by skis from Schaffürggli top station in the ski area Madrisa)
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