Up until the 17th century, the then small Vals settlement of Schlappin was inhabited all year round away from today’s tourist region of Klosters and its land cultivated accordingly. The proximity to Austria has always caused a stir, as the Schlappinerjoch was often used as a gateway for the Austrians in the Swiss Confederation and the Schlappiner were infested by the intruders.

The mining tradition of that time can still be felt today. In the summer, the surrounding meadows are grazed by cows, Scottish highland cattle, yaks and other animals and cultivated by some local farmers.

And in the middle of this originality stands the Bergzuhaus Gemsli, which on the one hand serves as a retreat for creative work with you and your team, but also provides an unmistakable setting for private events.

The true luxury can be felt in the simplicity and tranquility of nature. Releasing, taking a deep breath, recharging batteries – all of this is possible with us.

As owner and host of the Gemsli, Rudolf Wötzel can not only tell you his own story, but also steer your story in new directions with you. Working in and with nature is one of the main pillars of his work, as nature serves as a catalyst for change.

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