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Our team accompanies you through every step of your event such as pre-organization, carrying out the event and following-up procedures. We are at your disposal with warmth and competence.

Rudolf Wötzel

Not only is Rudof Wötzel the mind behind the Gemsli concept but he also wants to give the chalet a face – actively as host and/or creatively as coach, moderator and tutor of you and your team under the motto «rethink leadership».

«At heart, I am a pragmatic dreamer with a sense for the feasible and the necessary dose of ambition.

My life journey took me from the career highlights of an «Insecure Over Achiever» through a veritable life crisis to self-employment and sustainable fulfillment as «entrepreneurs of my own life».

As a person in the fast lane, I got to know success and prosperity, but also its downsides. The highest performance was followed by the physical and emotional collapse. Intense nature experiences gave me inner and outer recovery. I’ve been experiencing joy in my professional life today. As a self-employed person I am able to practice a portfolio of different activities. This allows me to put my experiences, talents and passions to optimal use.»

CV Rudolf Wötzel

Lisa Reiser-Wötzel

Lisa Reiser is Rudolf Wötzel’s sister and a passionate host.
After graduating from high school and training as a state-certified Spanish translator, she has been giving tutoring lessons in Latin and German since 2006, advising and coaching on skin problems, and is involved in the school project “Hospiz macht Schule”.
In addition, she works as a “fairy godmother” in the Gemsli.

Ladina Garbald

After graduation of high school (type C) and training as a tourism specialist HF Ladina mainly works behind the scenes and is responsible for the administration, organization and implementation of the events. However, from time to time she swings the kitchen knife and serves the guests self-made, tasty delicacies. An all-rounder…

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